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Lekia är Sveriges ledande leksakskedja med fler än 100 fristående leksakshandlare – från Ystad i söder till Kiruna i norr. Vi samarbetar för att skapa trivsamma butiker med personlig service och ett noga utvalt sortiment av säkra, roande och lärande leksaker.

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Roomixer is an online marketplace for guest referrals, generating revenue and extending additional courtesy to guests. Roomixer provides vacation rentals a place to refer additional guests to, as well as fill rooms when necessary. The incentive structure works like this: make additional revenue when referring a guest, and pay a small percentage to obtain guests from the marketplace. With lower rates than any other service, Roomixer offers a win-win situation for booking agents and vacation rentals.

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Tag & Find

Tag & Find brings cutting-edge RFID technology to the mobile world, turning any Smartphone into an asset-tracking device. Tag & Find presents a kit that turns any smartphone into a professional RFID scanner.

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UMS Group

Headquartered in Switzerland, UMS Group is a leading international corporation specialized in developing innovative flying robot technologies for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Our high-tech company focuses on the production and distribution of small and medium sized Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) on a global scale.

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Flowin® Friction Training™ is a multifunctional easy to use bodyweight training concept and training equipment. There are two different product lines, one recommended for private use only and one for commercial use. One major benefit is that there are no added costs, just the multifunctional training product itself. No costs for installation and the equipment can easily be moved from one room to another. Just place it on a floor where there is a free open area and start the training session, group workout or individual training.

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Incentive is a social intranet for all formal and informal knowledge in an organization. All you know in one place. We help 1000’s of companies in 100’s of countries waste less time and work smarter. Incentive is a downloadable server software with stream, wikis, blogs, conversations, and apps – secure behind your own firewall or in your private cloud.

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